Duane Boise

President, CEO

The son of a decorated career police officer, Duane Boise began early in his career understanding the social issues of people in need of access to healthcare. Mr. Boise, seeing the world thru the eyes of the street, began at an early age using his entrepreneurial skills to address some of these issues.

Duane established a successful real estate and mortgage business, which he sold to a large real estate consortium. He then dedicated his efforts to eliminating the root causes of homelessness by co-founding the St. Vincent DePaul Homeless Shelter, the very first in the State of Connecticut. His strong background in real estate, finance and marketing led him to develop the first residential AIDS Hospice in the United States, for which he received an award from the Pontifical Council for Health and Healthcare Issues. Both of these entities are still providing valuable services to this day.

In 1990, while serving as the interim CEO of Falkirk Hospital in Central Valley New York, Mr. Boise was vacationing in the Caribbean and was witness to a hotel guest who had suffered from a mild heart attack and was attempting to arrange for air evacuation. As a result of the lack of available emergency medical services, Mr. Boise, seeing the need, founded Emedical Global Jamaica Ltd. (EMED).

EMED has developed a comprehensive emergency medical evacuation system throughout Jamaica, the Caribbean, Central and South America by the utilization of air ambulance. The company, by providing emergency air ambulance evacuation services on medically configured aircraft throughout the region, has saved countless lives.

Mr. Boise, understanding the need for an integrated delivery system to access first class discounted medical services combined with air ambulance emergency evacuation, has embarked Internationally to lead the growth and expand the availability of medical services to the region that he has served for the past 25 years. His strong background in executive management, keen interest in emergency medical enterprise and deep experience in addressing social need lends broad experience to the work that he does.