Health Care Professionals

For Healthcare professionals:

MMJ is a bio-pharmaceutical company that is developing pioneering cannabis medication. Our ultimate goal of producing a Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) approved pain management drug, MMJ to date has developed a patent-pending compound for symptomatic treatment of Multiple Sclerosis(MS), Huntington’s Disease and several other conditions. To date, the company has initiated FDA IND approval processes for the MS and Huntington’s Disease conditions.

MMJ has a long history of cannabinoids use and research and is well versed in its proven safety and efficacy. We are committed to making a difference in patients’ lives with the power of genomics and information technology.

With this in mind, MMJ is working on developing a curriculum for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. The lack of knowledge about this area of medicine has led to the inability to treat patients properly. Our vision is to have our suggested curriculum incorporated into courses for doctors and nurses with other specialties that will allow for endocannabinology to become a specialty practice.

Providing support for persons in the healthcare profession is important to us and in this regard, MMJ has assembled a respected team which is working on getting national accreditation. We aim to introduce our curriculum to international universities and are currently working on affiliations to make this possible.

In addition, we are developing CME seminars for national distribution through live and video based content. Our team is in the process of obtaining national and state specific accreditation. We are indeed fortunate to be able to align with the finest and most knowledgeable doctors and nurses in the world and we are grateful for these alliances.

MMJ is on a mission to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines for the under-served patient populations. We promise to do all we can to equip healthcare professionals with the information and research necessary to alleviate the suffering of those in their care.

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