MMJ International Holdings

MMJ International Holdings Corp., along with its subsidiary companies, is dedicated to advancing the sciences involving patient use of medical Cannabis.  The MMJIH family consists of MMJ Technologies, Inc, MMJ Genomics, Inc., MMJ Health Care, Inc., MMJ Curriculum Inc., and MMJ Cultivation, Inc.

According to the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Practice, current methods to assess the nation’s largest and most expensive medical conditions are subjective and ineffective.

The MMJ® family has a better way, utilizing predictive analysis of genetics and other patient factors.

It is our mission to provide patients better information for better health while treating with medical cannabis, from our family to yours.

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients

Our mission

MMJ International Holdings  aims to advance the science of medical cannabis through the establishment and operation of patient-focused business entities. We have seized the opportunity to take a scientific approach to proving the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine. This has enabled us to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking opportunities available in the medical cannabis industry.

Our efforts in the United States, Canada, and Internationally, for the foreseeable future, will revolve around establishing patient clinical trial services within medical markets that can prove the efficacy of medical products being used and developed for treatment of several chronic illnesses. These proprietary extracts are already showing significant anecdotal evidence in several thousand patients currently under a treatment regime.

The MMJIH Family

MMJ Bio Science, LLC

MMJ Bio Science’s commercial brand, MMJ™, builds on global healthcare networks, infrastructure, and technology established and maintained by its subsidiary companies, and collaboration agreements with Northern Caribbean University and the University of Buffalo’s Institute for Genomics & Data Analytics (BIG), integrated to provide international scientific, research and analytic services to the companies development initiatives.  We have established a FDA study for the use of our cannabis medicines for primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

MMJ has established an innovative set of solutions for FDA approved medical studies that will culminate in approved medicines that will offer an end-to-end value across the entire benefit chain: patients, Healthcare Providers, care trackers, referral networks, and insurance companies. MMJ has partnered with medical and scientific experts in the plant and human genomics field, patients study industry, bio informatics specialist, biochemistry experts, and the cannabis cultivation and extraction industry to provide this medicinal solution.

MMJ Genomics, Inc.

Through this subsidiary, the company will collect patient DNA from  samples and do genomic research to show how the RNA and proteins are altered when patients are treated with Medical Cannabis.

The company has executed agreements with the several private clinical labs that specialize in analyzing bio informatics and genomics.

MMJ Curriculum, Inc.

Without endocannabinology, diagnostics lack important information.

We are developing the curriculum for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. The lack of knowledge about this area of medicine has led to the inability to treat patients properly. Our curriculum will be incorporated into courses for doctors and nurses with other specialties and will allow for endocannabinology to become a specialty practice. We have a team for getting national accreditation. We will be introducing our curriculums at several universities.  After that, we expect all medical professionals to need these courses.

We are also developing CME seminars for national distribution through live and video based content. Our department will be obtaining national and state specific accreditation. We have aligned ourselves with the finest and most knowledgeable doctors and nurses in the world and have the latest information available.

MMJ Technologies, Inc.

Through this subsidiary, the company has developed multiple proprietary Medical Cannabis research technologies to collect and analyze research data from our patient studies. This data will prove the efficacy of medical cannabis treatment.
Once proven this same technology will allow us to continually track and collect active patient data.

The company’s software securely stores patient information and tracks the results of the research for each patient using mobile devices, remote medical monitoring devices and mobile applications.