Timothy C. Moynahan

MMJ Chairman

Timothy C. Moynahan serves as the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Global Virus Network.

The Global Virus Network is a global authority and resource for the identification, investigation, and control of viral diseases posing threats to mankind. The organization is committed to:

(1) Creating a network of experts on medically important viruses in partnership with existing surveillance programs and public health organization and to control viral threats by providing a rapid,coordinated approach and comprehensive medical research response for all classes of emerging viral threats to mankind;

(2) Building collaborative research alliances within the network to undertake focused research on diseases.

Mr. Moynahan also serves on the Advisory Board and Executive Committee, Institute of Human Virology Institute of Human Virology (IHV) www.ihv.org

The IHV, a center of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute and affiliated with the University of Maryland School of Medicine is dedicated to discovery, research, treatment and prevention of chronic viral disease and virally linked cancers. Director, Robert Gallo, M.D., is the co-discoverer of the AIDS virus.

  • Peer Elected New England Super Lawyer 2009-2012
  • Board of Directors-International Council for Middle East Studies.
  • Past Chairman and Current Board Member, Palace Theater Group,
  • Speaker at law schools to both faculty and students in Lahore and Karachi,

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