Dr. Elio Mariani

MMJ Formulation Advisor

Dr. Mariani brings 40 years experience to the MMJIH team in Pharmaceutical Sciences which have involved several pharmaceutical companies, one transdermal drug delivery company, and a generic/brand pharmaceutical company. Dr. Mariani has pharmaceutical experience involving the development of all dosage forms, manufacturing processes for oral solids, oral liquid, topical semi-solid systems, parenteral formulation, transdermal delivery and novel drug delivery. Formulation processes have been followed from laboratory development through commercial manufacturing. Dr. Mariani’s clinical experience has involved both NDA and ANDA regulatory pathways. Interactions with FDA have included pre-IND, IND and pre-NDA meetings. Scientific presentations have been made to the FDA to support IND/NDA submissions.Chief executive responsible for Scientific Affairs at KV Pharmaceutical Company (“KV”) (NYSE: KVa/KVb). Provided scientific expertise in the development and marketing of more than 100 products over ten years, which increased company revenues from approximately $30 million in 1996 to $380 million in 2006 (29% CAGR).