Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, M.D.

UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Bianca Wienstock-Guttman is the director of the Jacobs Multiple Sclerosis Center for Treatment and Research at UBMD Neurology, the executive director of the New York State Multiple Sclerosis Consortium (NYSMSC), as well as director of the Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Center of Buffalo, a pediatric treatment center established by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Bianca specializes in the comprehensive care of adults and children living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune disorders affecting the central nervous system. As the Professor of Neurology at the University at Buffalo, Bianca both lectures and mentors pre-residency candidates and fourth-year medical students per year in clinical rotations and in research project design and implementation.