About Us

MMJ International Holdings Corp.

MMJ International Holdings Corp. (MMJIH), is the parent company of MMJ Technologies, Inc., MMJ Genomics, Inc., MMJ Health Care, Inc., MMJ Curriculum Inc., and MMJ Cultivation Inc. As the parent company, it will control the hiring of the officers and/or managers of the subsidiary companies. MMJIC will control certain marketing, administrative, advertising and other aspects where centralize control is financially beneficial to the subsidiary companies. The sister companies below MMJIH shall be interconnected through various licenses and contracts but shall each be independent of the others and shall each generate their own income.

Our significant capabilities include:

  • MMJ has contracted with several genomic computational research centers.
  • A medicinal cannabis study. Super Computer Decision Support Portals that form the foundation for the “Medical Cannabis Healthcare” initiative. These portals feature a unique capability to collect patient data that will enable us to conduct valuable research on the data for continued treatment and product development.
  • A secure telemedicine technology platform that provides patient access to physicians and treatments. The platform provides functionality for physicians, patients, researchers, and case management professionals to collaborate. It also allows for FDA approved remote medical monitoring devices to transmit patient’s vitals to our data collection platform throughout the course of treatment.
  • Personal Patient Care Advisors for medical services and support for the patients during treatment. This ensures that the process will be optimized with maximum efficiency.
  • MMJIH’s contract with an international university provides for additional clinical research, and patient clinical trials.
  • Our pioneering systemic process solution harnesses technology and analytics, which reduce costs for health providers, enhances diagnostics, increases patient satisfaction, and delivers quality healthcare.


  • Conduct clinical research that will have a consequential market impact. We will be integrating genomics, proprietary herbal extracts, and patient results through a sophisticated algorithmic data collection system, which will surpass any currently used prognostic and treatment tools.
  • Collect and disseminate the data that will allow for the development of innovative cannabinoid treatments, which will influence medical treatments and lead to improvements of patient outcomes.
  • Improve testing standards.
  • Decrease government subsidized patient pharmaceutical costs.
  • Work with insurance companies to begin product & treatment reimbursements for patients.

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